If you’re innocent and young, you don’t have to worry much about the family curse. It is not a familial or filial disease that is wreaking havoc in the Fofana-Nyei family. It’s also not innate or inborn. What’s essential is to be aware of this curse and do all that you can to avoid it. It’s not a makeup or fake story.
What then is the curse, and why should we be afraid of it?
A long time ago, according to our elders at Nyeilla, Bomi County, our ancestors prayed to Allah to preserve future generations of Nyei or Fofana, make them exalted in this life and the next, live an honorable life, and dying except believing in Islam. Allah accepted their prayers. However, because it was due to Jealousy that led قـابيل Qābīl (Cain) to murder وَهـابـيـل Hābīl (Abel), his brother and Jealousy also drove the brothers of Prophet Yūsuf to cast him into a well or intended to kill him our ancestors decided to impose some penalty against siblings who might concoct a plan to hurt another family member.

 What then was the curse?
The curse was that if you hold a grudge against another Nyei due to Jealousy and plan to harm him or her physically or spiritually,  the harm will revert or come back to hurt you and not affect the person who is begrudged
What do I do when my siblings and friends are happy and doing better than me?
Love them, support them, and do not envy their success. Maybe your role is to be the cheerleader or chaperon of the family. If you cast away that position, you will turn down the responsibility Allah has intended for you to perform.
Can you show us an example of family jealousy?
Our dad urged us to support one another no matter what. If one of us is building a house or has achieved greatness or stardom, let’s reach out and congratulate him for this success. Besides, I have never heard of a family where every member of that family is equally wealthy.
What do you think about the curse? Doesn’t it seem cruel and mean to impose a scourge on our family?
The answer is yes; the curse is a harsh measure against terrible behaviors. The question is, which is crueler, killing your sibling or being punished for killing or attempting to kill your siblings or families.

This article is the start of understanding the family cure. We will modify it when we receive additional information.