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This is how our trademarked business process works


Navigate the Table of Contents below and click on the link that interests you. If you didn’t find what you’re looking for, give us a call. 


Choose the industry and type of business that you want us to do for you.


Call and tell us what you want. We will assign you a subject matter expert (SME) in your chosen industry or business . The SME will estimate the cost of the service you want.


He will present you with the estimate. Both of you will bargain and work on a payment plan, the scope of service, and the start and finish dates of your service.  


You will pay half of the service fees. We will then start to deliver the results on the date that we agree.


Fifty percent ( 50%) of profits from all services offered on will go to the Fofana Nyei Foundation. Thank you for doing business with us.

From Our Founder

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay for a service?

Pay with cash, check, and debit or credit card. We extend credit automatically to old clients or customers. We take partial payment in advance. Send your invoice promptly with payment terms visibly and clearly stated. We also reward customers for paying promptly.

How do I call you?

You can contact us via phone, email, messenger, and at

Do You offer discounts?

We also give good discounts to religious institutions

How do I get a discount?

Educational and nonprofit organizations receive a 25% discount promptly. Any startup business also receives a hefty discount of 20% of sales on

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, you can make payment with debit and credit cards

I am a repeated customer. What discount do you offer me?

Repeated customers will automatically receive a 10% percent discount on sales made on

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