Each employee is trained to become an expert

Best Practices

Our consultants continuously gain the best project management skills and approaches, including the PMBOK® Guide 47 processes and its ten success areas including Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resources Management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, and Project Stakeholder Management.

Career development, mentoring, and continuous learning  programs boost value, guarantee.

Career Development Program goals

We apply project-based learning (PBL) method focused on critical thinking, solving a practical problem through projects, teamwork, and self-management. We bring together project and business management practitioners, management scholars, experts, institutions, and communities to share information, solve business and project management challenges, both individually and collectively.

Our team understands the bigger picture by researching and continuous learning

We focused on searching for sustainable solutions to project, program, project management office, and information technology problems. Our research study programs covers past, present, and future projects managed in all industries including education, construction, information technology, banking, healthcare, management, pharma, transportation, and film.

Our team builds a better future  by  Doing

We apply project-based learning (PBL) method focused on critical thinking, solving practical problems through projects, teamwork, and self-management.

Build your portfolio

The core of our human career professional and mentoring programs focuses on producing a high performance workforce poised to build and manage the 21st Century economic engines-information technology infrastructure, roads, bridges, manufacturing capacities through the application of project management concepts, templates, smart technologies, and ISO standards.

Achieve your goals

GPCG research and training programs serve the needs of learners to help them achieve their educational goals, lead richer lives, and shape the futures of their organizations and communities.

To get the most out of stellar programs, participants and mentees must be motivated to learn both independently and collaboratively through research and practical problem solving, use a variety of learning styles to comprehend new concepts, require focused educational content, flexibly available at work, home, and on the road.